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Implementation strategies to

accelerate and give shape to the aspirations of millions of Youth. The NEP 2020 is the ground to play and through this medium, we invite players to walk in and play their part. It has been ages that we as parents, educators and recruiters have lamented our helplessness in changing the Indian education system. This revolutionary policy NEP 2020 will do good only if it gets implemented.

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Implementor's Toolbox
Innovators Guide

The teacher of management and commerce subjects can bring out the hidden skills and competencies in many students with diverse cultural, academic, and linguistic backgrounds by designing a well-scripted event with learning outcome-based evaluation criteria. The teacher is only the facilitator here as he/she leaves it to the creative pursuit of students after laying out the broad structure of the event. You will find such events in this space.

The Holistic Approach

NEP 2020 talks about the need to develop students as responsible citizens who are empathetic towards society, Mother Earth, and fellow human beings. Intercollegiate event with an appropriately designed theme not only helps the students to attract corporate sponsorship but also is a great social learning experience for them.


The Meaningful Entrepreneurs

The students are at their creative best as entrepreneurs when they do not have the burden of financial commitments. In this section, you will find socially relevant entrepreneurship ventures that students of undergraduate course started with a small working capital drawn from their pocket money.

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