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Dr.Mahalakshmi Sankar,
Head of the department, Bachelor of Management Studies, VESASC, Mumbai University

Chief Curator- Dr Mahalakshmi Sankar, Author, Ideator and storyteller 

Dr. Mahalakshmi Sankar is a renowned professional. She completed her doctorate in management studies from Mumbai University and thereafter trained numerous students as the Co-Ordinator of BMS. She has been at the forefront of developing innovative teaching strategies & has been successful in creating methods of teaching that have transformed students into leaders. Her vast experience spanning decades has given her immense knowledge to identify student traits & characteristics. Dr. Mahalakshmi Sankar has been successful in igniting the entrepreneurial spirit in students & boost their confidence to take up challenging roles to reinvent themselves. Her approach towards education has been unique & her primary motive was to give personalized attention to every student & cater to their needs. She believes that the role of a teacher is to ignite the imagination of the students to explore beyond the syllabus and for this, it is necessary to adopt a process-based learning approach in the classroom where teachers and learners work as co-actors towards learning. In this liaison, it is the responsibility of the teacher to guide the students towards futuristic ideas and models. She has been recognized for her innovative teaching methodology for 5 consecutive years. She has authored 4 textbooks and written more than 15 research papers as well as presented papers in reputed institutions including IIM Calcutta.
Through this forum, she and her team hope to reach a larger section of the people and help them in using innovative methods in implementing NEP 2020 guidelines.    


Ms Shweta Gandhi,
HR & Administration Manager, INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHINA (NZ) LTD., Auckland CBD, New Zealand 

Highly committed and motivated HR professional with a Master of Management Studies, major in Human Resource Management from UNIVERSITY OF WAIKATO, Hamilton. Possesses keen attention to detail and sharp analytical skills, consistently completing quality projects according to agreed-upon standards and specifications. Demonstrates effective client relationship management, strong communication skills, and motivational leadership qualities, along with effective people management skills. A permanent resident of New Zealand, her background education in India and New Zealand will bring to the forum a needed diversity when the team suggest skill sets to be incorporated in students as they prepare for the corporate world


Dr Kasturi R Naik,
Assistant Professor with DES’s NMITD in the management department. PhD with Stress management, Internationally Certified Life Coach

Dr Kasturi R Naik is the recipient of the “Global Digital Teacher Excellence Award 2020” by Global Digital Academy & “Best Emotional Intelligence Consultant” 2020 by AIM excellence awards. She has also conferred with the “ICON Award” 2019 by the KDGB committee for her enriching work in the field of emotional intelligence, personality enhancement, stress management and leadership development. She is also honoured with an award for “Outstanding Teaching and Research Excellence” from a leading group of Journals in the year 2019. At present, she is associated as Assistant Professor with DES’s NMITD in the management department. Her credentials include PhD with Stress management as a broad area of research, MMS, BPHARM, DLL, Internationally Certified & Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach, Certified in Positive Psychology: Resilience Skills, Certified in Building Your Leadership Skills by HEC Paris, Certified Executive Life Coach, Certified Image Consultant, Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Certified NLP Practitioner and Certified 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner.
Considering the dynamics involved in the personal and professional life of every individual, she immensely believes in a need to inculcate clarity, empathy and insight for success in all endeavour’s, which subsequently backed her to commence conducting life coaching and training sessions in emotional resilience and personality enhancement, focusing especially on service professionals who impart the required direction and speed to their team. Her rich experience in shaping human beings into responsible service providers will play a crucial role as we define strategies to grow the next generation of job seekers with the right value system.

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