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Arsenal of Skillset to be Employable


1. Grow Module emphasis on students pursuing 3 year bachelors degree from state university to prepare themselves for a career at the end of graduation. Any student first year, second year or third year student can take it. 2. In Learn module students learn to build essential skill-sets anywhere and anytime and also earn recognized certifications from top-notch organizations and institutions. It is complete hand holding for an average student pursuing degree program from state university This module is different since it takes the case study of an average bachelors degree student. 3. Engage module is designed to help the students engage with the corporate world through internships. It takes the student through building the first resume – a basic one with clear instructions of creating the first resume. It takes the student through ways of getting the first internship. It also encourages students to network in their chosen field through examples. Creating LinkedIn account and applying for internships are explained in a step by step process. 4. Module Accelerate is all about curating your abilities to meet the requirement of the selection process. Students can practice the mock answers and liners for GD /PI by using the booklet provided. It can be in abended mode or self paced mode. 5. Discover module would help in creating a unique job opportunities exploration of new concept of job mapping will be introduced. scheme specific to the student.




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