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Innovator’s Guide

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In this section, we present a tested learning methodology that is in tune with NEP 2020 calling for an interdisciplinary approach. All the learning methodology presented here were student-led & hence evolved as it was rolled out. As our motive revolves around the philosophy that ‘The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.’


These learning methodologies demonstrated the relation between different disciplines of management.  Experimenting with the diversity in the student’s culture, background, knowledge level, language skills, capability, aptitude, strength, weakness & leveraging the same through well-designed events allowed our team to not only impart subject knowledge but also provide a platform for each and every student to find their footing, their role & part in the bigger picture.

1. A competition based on trending business was proposed.

2. Nearly 70-100 students drawn from science, arts and commerce streams participate in the competition.

3. Students in the entire class are divided into teams.

4. Time period: 3-4 months part-time student engagement

5. Continuous mentoring on a daily and sometimes weekly basis by the subject teacher

6. Learning outcomes- Soft skills like communication, confidence building, inter-group cohesiveness, participative learning (with well-defined evaluation criteria)

The Holistic Approach


Management Studies as an area of study draws its content from the disciplines of management which broadly includes finance, marketing, human resource development and business entrepreneurship.


The subject facilitates students to understand many social and ethical issues, rural development and growth, corporate social responsibility, innovation and entrepreneurship, financial literacy, environmental protection and conservation of resources etc., are major components of the subject. Given the diverse background of the students, their different competency levels, one may wonder how to develop these soft skills and knowledge base in them.


The creative ability of the student groups coupled with group dynamism and intergroup competitiveness allowed the students to come out with great events which were backed by even greater research and learning in all these domains of management... The broad theme chosen as well as creating the events under the theme was the most important role of the teacher.

1. A platform to involve the inherent skill set of each and every student.

2. Number of students involves = More than 150

3. Confluence is not only the celebration of the spirit of marketing and management but also an opportunity for students to explore their creative limits, experiments, make mistakes, and have fun while continuously reinventing themselves during the course of the annual festival.


4. Teacher rolls out the broad concept which can be sub-divided into multiple sectors giving scope for holistic learning as well as larger group involvement.

5. Social themes are cautiously incorporated in the theme chosen for each year.


6. Curated over 3-6 months, the entire exercise culminates as two to three days festival on the campus but the real learning happens during the pre-events and the months of preparation involved before the D-day which gives a chance to each willing student to participate and experience the practical aspect of the business.

7. Learning outcome involves complete business knowledge from budgeting to costing raising capital, conceptualizing events, drawing audience and finally rolling out. Such a big spectrum of activities brought out the leadership skills, creativity skills, mobilizing and negotiating skills of students.


The meaningful Entrepreneurs

The education system in India has usually been all about academics and how much a student scores in the examinations. Our team at college always felt the need to enlighten students on how other factors play an equally important role in shaping their career.


We believe that every student has the spirit of entrepreneurship & is a born creator. It is all about providing them with a perspective on how they can turn their imagination into something tangible. Imbibing these characteristics in her students, Dr Sankar was able to develop student entrepreneurs who came up with unique business ideas.

1. Real business ventures covering a wide range of national and social concerns.


2. Different pedagogical practices for developing competencies such as problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity were put to use.


3. These 20 years old students contributed a small amount of money from their pocket brainstormed for the best business idea and went through the entire process of feasibility study, industry and environment analysis, laid out an operational plan, a marketing plan, worked out the risk and after successful implementation also made a presentation at the end of the six- month course.


4. The entire initiative was curated and executed by her as a single point of contact for all their doubts as they went about starting their first business.


5. Not only were the ideas out of the box they also reflected the responsible citizenship values inherent in the students.


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Ramya Harika Pucha

 Teaching Assistant at the Zimmerman School of Advertising and Mass Communications, University of South Florida.
Initiated into the prestigious Kappa Tau Alpha Honours society in 2021.

Before I began my undergraduate degree in VES, I was extremely confused about what to do in my professional life. I was even more confused about HOW to do it. BMS at VESASC might just have been quite the turning point in my career. Here is where my vague and undefined ambitions found a definite shape. BMS department under the able leadership of Dr Mahalakshmi Sankar made this possible through well-defined events and activities. For every activity that we conducted as a department, I was pushed to try out new roles and responsibilities, which later allowed me to gauge what I liked and what I didn't. It is solely because of the various activities that made the BMS curriculum what it was that brought me here at a world-renowned research institution.

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